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Throw Your Old Video Content Strategy Out The Window

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Your Video Content Strategy Needs Updating

When you don’t have a solid strategy for the videos you are (or aren’t) producing for your business, you may feel like you’re always playing catch-up. You know you should add video footage to your site and to your larger content marketing strategy — you know you should contribute to your YouTube channel or develop some how-to videos. You probably understand what a difference it could make! But you never seem to find the time. 

If this sounds familiar, keep reading.

A Video Content Strategy Goes Beyond a Single Video

Plenty of businesses, at one time or another, have either hired someone to develop a promotional video or created one themselves with rudimentary camera equipment. Some businesses use video to showcase their new products or engage with their customers via social media posts. But these one-off efforts don’t constitute a plan. A true video content strategy is a more extensive process: it takes goal-setting, scheduling, a whole lot of creativity and more.

Why Video Marketing is a Winning What Constitutes an Effective Video Content Strategy?

Depending on your purpose and your goal, there are several different types of videos to consider, and each video should ideally be broken down into clips or segments and used to extend the reach of your marketing efforts. To implement a true video content strategy means understanding the medium and using video purposefully to deliver your message and accomplish your goals. 

Video, like blog content or imagery, is another tool in your marketing toolbox. Like other forms of content, it helps you engage your audience, educate them, and ultimately increase conversion. Compared to other types of content, however, video is more effective and can do more than a 500-word article or attractive ad graphic. A brief clip can capture interest, for example. And educational content can often be presented better on video than in a wordy document. 

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Your Intended Audience Will Respond to Video Marketing

Today’s audiences are accustomed to using social media for nearly every aspect of their lives. And with digital integration that’s more advanced than ever, video content can be delivered seamlessly to more people, at any hour of the day. Simply put, getting eyes on your marketing content has never been easier. So, whether you’re trying to boost engagement, build credibility, or humanize your brand — high-quality video should be your go-to.

In the past, video content strategies might consist of a single video distributed across multiple channels. Video strategies of today are slightly different. They’re more focused on taking a larger concept and breaking it down into micro-content pieces, which are then used to develop a wide range of social posts, emails, or sales collateral. 

How to Develop a Video Marketing Strategy for Your Business

There are several questions you should ask yourself before you sit down to sketch out a video content strategy. First, you should understand your purpose: Do you need to showcase a new product? Teach your target audience how to do something? Or would you like to create a promotional video you can showcase on your website? 

Next, consider the scope of your video marketing content. Will this be an ongoing brand-wide effort? Or are you focusing on a single video ad or marketing campaign? 

Identify your reason for developing the video content in the first place, and then set some goals. Be sure to define our marketing goals as narrowly and specifically as possible. You may decide, for example, that you want to boost engagement by 25% or increase conversion rates on a single product. 

Don’t forget to consider your target audience. Who are they? What motivates them? What are their biggest pain points? What channels and modes of communication would they prefer? What kind of content would resonate most with them? 

Making Your Video Content Strategy Stand Out Among the Competition

Once you’ve come up with answers to these basic questions, it’s time to do more research. We recommend taking a look at your competitors’ marketing videos. Specifically: what are they doing well? How are they using video to get their message across? And, most importantly, what are they missing that you could do better? 

When your research has sparked some ideas, you can think about the type of video that would appeal to your target audience and best help you reach your goal. Then, you can begin mapping content and getting creative.

Take Full Advantage by Segmenting and Reusing Video When it Comes to Video Content, More is Better

Keep in mind that several videos or video segments are better than one. And while not every company has the budget for lots of videos, it’s still helpful to plan a series that can reach customers at different stages of the marketing funnel. For instance, you may consider creating an educational video for the awareness stage, followed by a video highlighting a particular product or service and a customer testimonial video. If that’s out of scope, your goal should be to develop a video that’s robust and comprehensive enough to segment out, with short video clips that act as teasers and micro-content that can be used again and again. Measuring your results will get you data that will drive your next steps or your next video campaign.

Knowing When You Need to Go Pro with a Video Production Company 

The best part about developing a solid video content strategy is that it provides a foundation for your marketing to come. And there are so many creative options to consider. 

As you make decisions about the types of video content you’ll want for a successful strategy, think about what will delight your clients and make your brand stand out. There are plenty of ways to produce a video. 

But while you may have the resources to do it yourself, you may still need help to take your videos to the next level. 

When it comes to video techniques like animation or cinematography, for example, it helps to have a professional on board.

Reach Out to Spot Content Studio for Next-Level Video Marketing

A partner like Spot Content Studio has the knowledge and talent to take your ideas from concept to reality, and give your videos the production value that makes customers sit up and take notice. If you haven’t been satisfied with your video efforts in the past, or if you are contemplating a more robust video content strategy, give us a call. We may have some tips that will make a difference for your brand.