Digital Content Storytellers

Yes, that’s a buzzword … followed by another buzzword. We rolled our eyes a little, too. But buzzwords or not, it’s true. Put simply, we tell compelling stories. We work hard to create content that moves people so your message can come to life.

Our Capabilities

When it comes to digital content, Spot brings a little bit of everything – and a lot of versatility – to the table. We have the talent and expertise to deliver start-to-finish work that includes digital strategy, creative direction, video production, and project execution. Or, if you’re looking for ala carte services, we’re good with that, too. No matter what you need, Spot has you covered.

Our Portfolio

Our People

The people here at Spot are the magic sauce. Our Spotties go above and beyond, doing whatever it takes to make a project successful – all while keeping their smiles and fun-loving attitudes. (You might even get a snort out of Sandy.) We are a talented group of weirdos – in a good way!

Alvaro Aro

Director of Photography

Aleta Harris

V.P. of Operations

Lynn Hensel

Partner / Camera

Rick Hensel

Partner / Camera

Tim Kimberling

Post Production Artist

Jason Poole

Post Production Artist

Tim Snider

Partner / Director of Advanced Media

Lauren Nieman


Sandy Mendelson

Audio Designer

Brett Huber

Video Content Specialist

Mary Schmitt

Business Manager

Kitt Rogers

Operations Coordinator

Joe Young

Business Development

Don Rockwell

Partner / Satellite Operations

Cecil Corbett

Satellite Operations

The OK Joe

Spot Championship Smoker

Our Culture

Spot’s vibe is laid back, but we take our client work seriously. Our culture strikes a hard-to-put-your-finger-on balance of fun and professionalism. One minute we’re cracking jokes, the next we’re filming a CEO – and occasionally we’re cracking jokes with the CEO! We know the rules, and we know how and when to break them. That’s because we care. We are a business that is proud to always consider people first and foremost and do (or at least attempt to do!) what’s right. Bottom line, Spot is a special place with a culture you just have to experience for yourself – BBQ included.

  • Our Story

    We call ourselves the Spotties. We aren’t the new kids on the block when it comes to video production. Brothers Lynn and Rick Hensel came out of the television news business and started Spot more than 15 years ago. We’ve been growing, expanding, and making an impact for our clients ever since.

    Now 20+ Spotties strong, there’s one thing that hasn’t changed along the way: Our commitment to delivering the full “Spot Experience” to our clients. WHAT we do – the creativity, quality, execution of our digital content – is important to us. And, HOW we do it – fun, down to earth, resourceful – is what will always set us apart.

  • Our Space

    Our 20,000 square foot facility has been completely renovated. The entire building's interior design is created to offer interesting backgrounds and visual environments, no matter which way we point the camera. It offers:

    • Green screen
    • Cyc wall
    • Daylight studio – with a large, flexible, open area
    • Two full kitchens – designed specifically with filming needs in mind
    • Private edit suites – three of them!
    • Sound studio – capable of capturing everything from podcasts to full band set ups
    • Oversize garage doors – allowing easy access for cars, set pieces, animals, grip trucks, and equipment

    If you’re in the neighborhood (or even want to make a special trip!) we invite you to swing by to check out the space, ride a scooter, and grab some BBQ.

  • Our Food

    When we’re not at work making content, we’re still out there making. You can usually find a Spottie or two at any given time around a grill cooking up good food, making a nice drink, having fun, and – of course – capturing it all with photos and videos. Sometimes we grill for local, charitable events; sometimes we grill for neighborhood competitions; and sometimes we grill just because. We’re known for our Friday afternoon BBQs, Sunday Fundays, and homemade Trouble Rub.

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Our Clients

We’re proud of the partnerships we’ve built with our clients over the years. Whether big or small, they’re equally important to us. We consider our clients part of the Spot family, and thankfully, they like us, too! Our business has been built nearly entirely through our clients’ word-of-mouth referrals.

  • "What would we do without our Spot boys?!   From Lynn’s keen eyes behind the camera to Jason and TK’s fine and fabulous touches on our post work to Sandy’s sweet sounds … our partnership through the years has been what helps us keep Ballyhoo video work SPOT on!  And let’s not forget Aleta and Mary - the women who really run the show (and always ensure our Ballyhoo team is taken care of). Love the SPOTTIES!!!"

    - Katie Schenck, Ballyhoo Blue Workshop

  • "Spot uses a combination of experience, innovation and high end technology to create a finished product that always gets rave reviews. On a personal note, Spot is a friendly, encouraging environment where creativity flourishes, deadlines are met and the resulting product is even better than anticipated. These guys are the best at what they do. I've never worked with anyone like them!"

    - Laurie Waters, YWCA

  • "The people at Spot are hardworking, creative, and know exactly how to deliver what the customer wants. Often times, their finished product was even beyond what was expected!"

    - Aaron Meyer, Missouri State Baseball

  • “Spot is the best media production company I have ever worked with. Not only is the quality of their work amazing, but they are good people to work with who deliver at a reasonable price.”

    - Jason Merrill, SSM Health St. Louis

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