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Yes, that’s a buzzword … followed by another buzzword. We rolled our eyes a little too. But buzzwords or not, it’s true. Put simply we tell compelling stories. We work hard to create content that moves people so your message can come to life! Otherwise, what’s the point?

Our Culture

We love our work - after all we get to make creative content for a living! And because of our team, we’re pretty good at it! Spot Content Studio has a dedicated core group of people who work very hard to ensure our clients walk away happy and are 100% satisfied with their project. We believe in making videos that can inspire, educate and evoke an emotion. As our own biggest critics, we refuse to quit until we know the product is as good as it can be.

  • Our Story

    We call ourselves the Spotties. We aren’t the new kids on the block when it comes to video production. Spot has been producing client stories for more than 15 years. While our vibe and attitude is laid back, you can count on the fact that we take our client work very seriously. We aren’t just the creators we are your companions on this journey and it is our unwavering promise to give you a video that exceeds all expectations while experiencing what we call the Spottie Experience.

    Relationships are at the heart of our business. We see our clients as partners and friends in any project. It’s always a collaboration, sharing our expertise and putting that together with your ideas, your message, and your vision. Our goal is to form a strong connection between our crews and your team so you are comfortable coming to us with all your video content needs.

    Our staff includes photographers, writers, producers, editors, audio designers, digital strategists and satellite/streaming engineers. Whether it’s shooting through a camera lens, writing words on a script or editing images together, we are always thinking about your story and how it weaves through every aspect of the production process.  

  • Our Space

    In 2018, Spot moved into its new home, located at 5550 Fyler Avenue in South St. Louis. This was a big change for us. As beautiful as our last space was and as much as we loved our buildingmates, it just wasn’t an ideal space for what we do. When we found this building it was love at first site.

    Our 20,000 square foot facility has been completely renovated allowing us to offer studio space with a variety of different looks and creative options. We have a green screen, cyc wall as well as a daylite studio with flexible, open space. We have a full kitchen space designed specifically with filming needs in mind - in fact, the entire building's interior design was created to offer interesting backgrounds and visual environments no matter which way we point the camera. We also have oversize garage doors throughout the building allowing easy access for cars, set pieces, animals, grip trucks and equipment.

    Our space also houses three private edit suites as well as a sound studio capable of capturing everything from voice overs to podcasts to full band set ups. If you’re in the neighborhood (and even if you’re not!) we invite you to swing by to check out the space, ride a scooter and grab some BBQ.

  • Our Food

    When we’re not at work making content, we’re still out there making. You can usually find a Spottie or two at any given time around a grill cooking up good food, making a nice drink and of course having fun. Sometimes we grill for local, charitable events, sometimes we grill for neighborhood competitions, and sometimes we grill just because. In fact, most of the time we grill just because. We’re known for our Friday afternoon BBQs, Sunday Fundays and Trouble Rub. And of course, we document all of it with photos and videos.

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Our People

As you might have guessed from reading about our culture, the people here at Spot are really the magic sauce. Our Spotties are here everyday, sometimes on the weekends, going above and beyond when needed, and doing whatever it takes to make a project successful all while keeping their smiles and fun-loving attitudes. (You might even get a snort out of Sandy.)  We are a talented group of weirdos. Get to know us! We’re fun!

Alvaro Aro

Director of Photography

Aleta Harris

V.P. of Operations

Lynn Hensel

Director of Photography

Rick Hensel

Director of Photography

Tim Kimberling

Post Production Artist

Jason Poole

Post Production Artist

Tim Snider

Director of Advanced Media

Eric Tutskey

Advanced Media

Meghan Boyle

Director of Digital Strategy

Lauren Nieman


Sandy Mendelson

Audio Designer

Brett Huber

Video Content Specialist

Mary Schmitt

Business Manager

Kitt Rogers

Operations Coordinator

Joe Young

Business Development

Don Rockwell

Partner / Satellite Operations

Cecil Corbett

Satellite Operations

The OK Joe

Spot Championship Smoker

Our Capabilities

We all have the same goal - great work, on time, and on budget. So let’s talk about what and how we can do that. First we have questions: are you looking to create a full-blown narrative piece with talent, set design, specialized equipment for highly choreographed cinematic camera moves or are you trying to go low-key, guerrilla, photojournalism style? Maybe somewhere in the middle? Do you need us to jump in to lead the entire production, or just handle a small piece for you? We got you! Here’s a list of the work we can do to help get you thinking. (And if it’s not on this list, talk to us. We’re always up for new challenges!)

  • Strategy

    There’s a lot of content out in the world. We’re here to help find the right way to connect authentically with our clients’ audience. There is no one-size-fits-all solution; every client, every brand, every business is different. We collaborate with our clients to find the right platform and right content for success from creative concepting to social media tactics to project management.  We are eager to help you with every aspect of your project and will go the extra mile to deliver.

  • End to End Production

    This is the whole kit and caboodle. We will partner with you to oversee every aspect of the project production - from creation, to producing, to completion. Virtually every Spottie in the building has a hand in the project along the way and helps to make it better. This is collaboration at its best, and its when Spot really shines.

  • Live Production

    Sometimes people need instant gratification. Nothing is more instant than a live streaming experience. And we’ve been doing this for a long time. Spot partners with industry leading broadcast facilities and high reliable content delivery networks to constantly refine our live streaming and other advanced media offerings. (AKA, we have smart people moving 1s and 0s.) This along with our focus on broadcast quality and preference for redundancies provides Spot with multiple options and approaches to every streaming project. Spot also owns and operates our own dual path KU Band uplink truck which is utilized for streaming projects as well as traditional broadcast transmission.

  • Shooting

    Shooting is where we got our start and it’s what we love to do. Our DP’s, through their artistry and craftsmanship, beautifully capture the visual essence of your story and then somehow manage to cram it all in that tiny little viewfinder box. Artfully so, of course. 

    From a single camera shoot, a full production crew or even aerial drone footage, we’ve got you covered. We have honed the skill of efficiency on our shoots. One of our biggest strengths is our ability to work in a small footprint. If it’s not needed, we don’t need a large amount of extra equipment and personnel - no extras just standing around! This efficiency also affords the opportunity to do more videos rather than spend your money on big-production shoots, if that’s not what is called for. That being said, if a high-end production is what you need we can certainly provide all the bells and whistles.  We even hear our crafts services are award winning!

  • Editing

    Spot’s post-production edit suites offer cozy high-def bays as well as mobile edit stations for on-site projects. Our post-production artists are fully-versed in Adobe Premiere and Davinci. All of our editors have a fully capable motion graphic skill set with brilliant command over the entire Adobe Creative Suite including After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator, along with Cinema 4D and Intellivision. Yeah, we’re big time! And for the full Spottie experience, plan to sit in with us on your edit session! You might even get the opportunity to have some Spot BBQ. (If you plan for a Friday, chances are pretty good!)

  • Audio

    Spot offers all of our clients a fully-equipped audio suite where our engineers can polish any video with audio sweetening services as well as record voice overs for projects and radio spots. We also have access to one of the largest music libraries in the country to offer our clients royalty free music in any genre. Our comfy suite is spacious, even though the silly walls are crooked, capable of hosting a six person podcast, a small music group or just a single voice … with a lot of room to spare.

Our Portfolio

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Our Clients

We are proud of the many partnerships we’ve built over the years with clients, so much so that we consider them partners. Whether a large international organization or a small start-up, we welcome you to become a Spot partner.

  • "What would we do without our Spot boys?!   From Lynn’s keen eyes behind the camera to Jason and TK’s fine and fabulous touches on our post work to Sandy’s sweet sounds … our partnership through the years has been what helps us keep Ballyhoo video work SPOT on!  And let’s not forget Aleta and Mary - the women who really run the show (and always ensure our Ballyhoo team is taken care of). Love the SPOTTIES!!!"

    - Katie Schenck, Ballyhoo Blue Workshop

  • "Spot uses a combination of experience, innovation and high end technology to create a finished product that always gets rave reviews. On a personal note, Spot is a friendly, encouraging environment where creativity flourishes, deadlines are met and the resulting product is even better than anticipated. These guys are the best at what they do. I've never worked with anyone like them!"

    - Laurie Waters, YWCA

  • "The people at Spot are hardworking, creative, and know exactly how to deliver what the customer wants. Often times, their finished product was even beyond what was expected!"

    - Aaron Meyer, Missouri State Baseball

  • “Spot is the best media production company I have ever worked with. Not only is the quality of their work amazing, but they are good people to work with who deliver at a reasonable price.”

    - Jason Merrill, SSM Health St. Louis

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