Virtual Events can include all remote presenters or a combination of remote and in-studio presenters.  Spot uses our background in quality Live Streaming and broadcast television production, to create virtual event experiences that are a quality above other interactive platforms.  Whether you’re producing a conference, webinar, town hall meeting, fundraiser or other type of event, Spot will work with you to create an engaging high quality experience for your viewers.  

Spot produces events that can stream live to the leading social media networks in order to get your event out to the largest possible audience.  Or if more control is needed then we can work with you and one of our partner platforms to create an experience that matches the look and feel of your event while bringing in interactivity through Moderated Q&A and Polling. Then when the event is finished we can provide you with detailed analytics of who logged in and how long they watched.

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  • Conferences, Webinars, Townhalls, Meetings
  • Multiple Remote Presenters
  • High Quality Video
  • Secure Viewer Environment
  • Moderated Q&A
  • Detailed Analytics
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