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Nothing is more instant than a live streaming experience. And we’ve been doing this for a long time. Spot partners with industry-leading broadcast facilities and highly reliable content delivery networks to constantly refine our live streaming and other advanced media offerings. (AKA, we have smart people moving 1s and 0s.) This, along with our focus on broadcast quality and preference for redundancies, provides Spot with multiple options and approaches to every streaming project.

Spot also owns and operates our own dual-path KU Band uplink truck that is utilized for streaming projects as well as traditional broadcast transmission.

Do you have a webinar, live event, or corporate project that you would like to partner with us on? Or do you simply have an idea that you would like to flush out a little more? We are always happy to consult and see how we can help.

Live Streaming Services

  • Single Camera Webcast
  • Multi Camera Webcast
  • Local and Remote Sources
  • Software and Hardware Encoding
  • CDN Delivery

Virtual Event Production

  • Virtual Events can include all remote presenters
  • Conferences - Webinars - Town Halls - Meetings - Graduations
  • Prerecorded content creation

Remote Recording

  • Remote Interviews
  • Remote Presentations
  • Pre-Arranged Tech Checks
  • Speaker Confidence Return with PPT/Teleprompter

Remote Encoding Services

  • Worldwide-service
  • Hardware Rental Packages
  • Remote Control of Hardware
  • Off-Site Live Transcoding
  • CDN Delivery

Satellite Services

  • Mobile Multi-Path KU Uplink
  • Mobile Downlink
  • Mobile IP Connectiivty
  • Broadcast Workflow/Redundencies
  • Stationary Downlink 

Digital Problem Solving

  • On-set Streaming for client/ agency approval
  • Video Conference to Stream Bridging
  • Integration with Zoom, WebEx


I’m Producing a virtual event do I need to come to your studios?

While we are happy to have you in our studio we can also add you into our control room virtually as well.  Remote Producer rolls are able to see our switcher Multi-viewers and communicate with crew remotely without being visible in the live production.  

Do I have to be in St Louis to use your services?

No, you do not need to be in St. Louis to utilize our services. In fact you can be anywhere in the world to use Spot as your Advanced Media Experts. 

What if I do not have a good internet connection?

Spot maintains a Fully Redundant Satellite uplink truck that allows us to stream from areas with poor internet connectivity.  Are you hoping to stream from the middle of a corn field with spotty cell coverage?  No Problem!  

Do you work with my presenters to connect and look their best?

Absolutely! From best practices guidelines sent to the presenters, video tutorials and technical checks prior to the event with each presenter we ensure your presenter will look and sound their best on the day of your event. 

Can you stream outside of the US?

As streaming industry leaders we stream all over the world for our clients so their global communications can be seen and heard by a vast audience.

Did you really once extend an internet connection over a mile just so you could have 75Mbs internet at your BBQ smoker during a BBQ competition?  

Hey, spotties LOVE BBQ and Spotties love WiFi.  Since we had the tools it felt like it was wrong not to do it.


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