Live Video Production Experts

Whether you’re LIVE streaming or recording an event for playback on-demand, Spot has the skills, know-how, and Partnerships to deliver a (flawless) digital experience.  Knowledge of playout platforms, Content Distribution Networks, firewalls, closed-captioning, and broadcast redundancies is just a start of what Spot brings to your project.  From state-of-the-art cameras to audio and video production flypacks, Spot is always on the leading edge of gear needed to produce your digital event.  After the event, Spot can provide analytics and other information to gauge your ROI and help make sure your communications are hitting their target. 


Town Hall Meetings

All Hands Meetings

Shareholder Presentations

Sales Meetings

Virtual Product Announcements

Executive Addresses

Media Tours

Virtual Events

Video Podcast

Remote Produced Programs

Web Series Recordings

Media Tours

National Live Shots

Multi-Studio Productions

Live Remotes for Podcast and Production

Zoom Contribution

In-person Meetings and ceremonies



Lectures and recordings

Remote Streaming Cameras

Corporate Communications
Insert Studio
Live Streaming
Studio Production

Our Work

We are proud of the work we produce and the opportunity to share it.  You will find a selection of work samples below with more details available on each individual piece.  You can also find an expanded gallery with more samples at the link at the end of this section. 

Music to Our Eyes
Saint Louis University Hospital Virtual Opening