Live Streaming Experts

Our Advanced Media team has been specializing in Live Streaming and remotely communicating your event and messaging virtually for over 10 yrs.  Our seasoned professionals are happy to help you navigate the world of live streaming and virtual event production.

Streaming Capabilities

Nothing is more instant than a live streaming experience. And we’ve been doing this for a long time. Spot partners with industry-leading broadcast facilities and highly reliable content delivery networks to constantly refine our live streaming and other advanced media offerings. (AKA, we have smart people moving 1s and 0s.) This, along with our focus on broadcast quality streaming and our preference for redundancies, provides Spot with multiple options and approaches to every streaming project.

Spot also owns and operates our own dual-path KU Band uplink truck that is utilized for streaming projects as well as traditional broadcast transmission.

Do you have a webinar, live event, or corporate streaming project that you would like to partner with us on? Or do you simply have an idea that you would like to flush out a little more? We are always happy to consult and see how we can help.

Live Streaming Services
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Virtual Event Production
Hybrid Events
Remote Encoding
virtual event broadcast
Remote Recording
Digital Problem Solving
Satellite Services
Studio Space

Our Work

We are proud of the work we produce and the opportunity to share it.  You will find a selection of work samples below with more details available on each individual piece.  You can also find an expanded gallery with more samples at the link at the end of this section. 

Music to Our Eyes
Sherwood Forest Virtual Fundraiser
YWCA Gala Image
YWCA Virtual Gala
Saint Louis University Hospital Virtual Opening
Saint Louis University 2020 Convocation
Virtual Event
Care and Counseling’s Sunrise Celebration with Al Hrabosky