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Connecting Remotely

Tech Support:


To connect to the remote production, each presenter should visit using a modern web browser. Firefox or Google Chrome are the preferred browsers. On ios devices please use Safari. When you visit the above URL you will need to type in your name and the password provided to you. When you connect it may ask you to allow permission for the browser to use your microphone and webcam. Make sure you select “allow” to both of these questions.

External Webcams and Microphones are recommended. Earbuds or headphones are required to be used while remotely connecting to the production in order to eliminate audio issues.

A computer with access to a hard-wired (ethernet) internet connection with speeds of 10Mbs Upload/Download is required to connect to this event. You can test the speed of your connection by visiting Connecting with speeds slower than 10Mbs Upload/Download could cause connection related problems. Additionally, there is a much greater chance of connectivity related problems when connecting via wifi, so please avoid wireless connections.