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Is Video Missing from Your Marketing Strategy? It’s Time to Improve Your Social Media Video Production

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It’s Time to Improve Your Social Media Video Production 

In the past, businesses could get by with minimal attention paid to their social media efforts. After all, social media marketing wasn’t going to move the needle that much, right? Ten – or even five – years ago, an occasional post on Facebook could help businesses keep in touch with their target audience and humanize their brand. 

But the cost of ignoring social media is rising. 

These days, your company can’t afford to miss out. What’s more, it can’t afford to ignore how important video production is to your social media marketing strategy. To put it bluntly, if you aren’t taking the time to plan and produce video as part of your overall marketing strategy, you may be losing potential customers and falling behind the competition.

Why Social Media Marketing Can’t Be Ignored

Want proof? Just take a look at these numbers: 

These statistics indicate that not only has the audience for social media grown, it’s also broadened, with users naturally toggling from one platform to another. So, you can assume that your audience has the opportunity to find you, and see your ads, on multiple social media channels. 

To take advantage, it makes sense to take a strategic approach to your content, particularly social media video. Consider going deep into your brand’s story and posting on more than one social media platform to make an impact. And, since the cost of paid search ads is rising, consider how the ever-growing reach of social media can offer a cost-effective alternative.

Why Video Marketing is a Winning Strategy

Video marketing should be an essential part of your social media efforts. In fact, we argue that video production should be your top priority for paid and organic social media strategy. These facts demonstrate why:

  • Every social media platform allows you to share video or livestream, and some platforms, like Snapchat and TikTok, rely solely on video. 
  • According to LinkedIn, video posts get five times more engagement than text-only content. The longer the video, the more interactions it receives. Social media platforms understand this, and they prioritize video content. 
  • Each social platform also includes analytics that will give you data on how well your online videos perform, which can help you demonstrate ROI and plan your social video strategy going forward. 
  • 87% of video marketers report that video gives them a positive ROI. That figure has grown significantly over the past five years. 
  • With the right keywords and topic, even older videos can bring in viewers and provide relevant information about your brand. 

Social media platforms prefer engaging video content over text-only content, and so do users. Attaching a video to your social media posts and social ads allows you to capture an audience’s attention and hold onto it longer. 

Turn Followers into Fans with Engaging Video on Organic Social

When it comes to using social media effectively, some companies struggle to keep their target audience engaged. They may post regularly but see little interaction online. Other businesses have the opposite problem: their customers may look for them on social media, only to find they’ve gone radio silent. This is an area where video content can make a world of difference. 

Producing video content that is focused on your audience (and not necessarily on your business) can encourage greater connection. Plus, it gives you a chance to clearly define your brand voice and message — and cement it in the minds of your viewers. Whether through a regular explainer video or a series of entertaining Facebook stories, you can create content that introduces your business to potential clients and eventually turns them into fans.

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How do you get started? We recommend video production that reaches your audience at every stage of the buyer’s journey. This means developing custom content that educates users, entertains them and gets them talking. According to recent findings, the most common types of video content include explainer videos and other educational videos, as well as promotional videos, ads and social media livestreams. Try adding a variety of video types to your content strategy to keep your audience engaged. 

Here are a few other suggestions for improving your video content: 

How to Improve Your Video Content on Social Media

  • Get to know your social platforms. Then, consider the type of video content you want to produce and which platform it would best be suited for. A testimonial video might be ideally suited to LinkedIn, for example, while a quick how-to video or some behind-the-scenes content could be a hit on Facebook or TikTok. 
  • Set goals for your social media marketing efforts, and use platform analytics to track your performance. Your video content may differ depending on what you’re measuring — reach, engagement, clicks or conversions. 
  • Don’t stick to a single platform. A video posted on YouTube should show up on your Facebook channel and a landing site, at the very least. Consider ways to reuse content or post video clips to multiple social media channels. 
  • Schedule and promote your video content in advance, especially if you’re investing in an educational series, branded video project or hybrid event. You want your audience to get excited about the content you’re spending money on. 
  • Finally, plan your video production. As video marketing becomes more central to social media, the quality of your videos has to level up. The good news? We can help with that

Try These Video Best Practices Video Ads Get Real Results. Why Aren’t You Using Them?

While we’re on the subject of ads, consider producing more high quality video ads for your social media channels. 


Consider television commercials. In the past, advertisers produced winning ads that were broadcast to anyone who owned a television. But now, in an age of greater connectivity than ever before, marketers can broadcast their ads to a carefully curated group of consumers. 

With social media, you have a ready-made audience of potential customers. Social media advertising allows marketers to specifically target viewers based on location, income level and more. And it works: 60% of marketers agree that video ads drive higher clicks than images or text ads. With quality video production, you can earn more of their dollars. 

Take Full Advantage by Segmenting and Reusing Video Content

Taking this strategy a step further, marketers can invest in a large video shoot that can then be cut into dozens of clips. With the right video content strategy, these ads can include different goals, target audiences and placements. 

Think about it. Wouldn’t you like to have a library full of ads and engagement opportunities at a single cost point? 

With a complete video strategy, you can use social media ads for more than just bottom-of-funnel, conversion-focused spots. You can use video in social ads to distribute your branded content, share industry updates or bring a little character to your user’s social feeds. 

Trust us: these marketing investments pay dividends. 

What Services can a Video Production Partner Provide? 

If this all sounds a little above your pay scale, consider hiring a video production company that can help you produce high quality videos. When it comes to boosting production value, there are several areas a production partner can help with, including: 

  • digital strategy
  • creative direction
  • video production services
  • video editing services
  • pre production and post production 
  •  audio production
  • live action and streaming services 
  • animation
  • social videos, Facebook and Instagram stories 
  • influencer marketing 
  • hybrid or virtual events 

Social media video production is all creating engaging content and putting yourself in the shoes of the scroller. Where most companies fall short is by simply posting videos and forgetting strategy. A quality social media partner will do the research to know exactly what your audience is responding to, factor in community management, and put more life into your brand.

It’s Time to Get Professional with your Video Content Marketing Efforts

Live-streaming from your living room is so 2019. When it’s time to make your video content truly spectacular, call Spot Studios. We can help you make your mark on social media with high quality video production services.