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Everything You Need to Know about Branded Video Content

Have you seen The Lego Movie? Even if you haven’t, we’re betting your kids know about it. This feature-length film grossed over $250 million in 2014. Pretty impressive, considering it could be viewed by some as one long product placement stunt. 

A better name for the kind of production The Lego Movie knocked out of the park is branded video content. And, while not every company has the resources to produce a blockbuster, businesses are using this type of content more than ever. 

In this blog, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about branded video content, and why you might want to consider creating a video that connects with your users more effectively than typical ads ever could. 

What Branded Video Content Is and Is Not

Branded video, while it may be sponsored by a brand, does not advertise that brand. It does no pitching, it makes no promises, it sells nothing. Nada. Zip. And for companies accustomed to creating ads, that can be scary. 

Essentially, branded video content is video created by a brand that conveys a particular message in line with the values of that brand, without blatantly selling a product or service. 

What branded video does well is create a positive association in viewers’ minds. Whether viewers are learning something new, LOLing, or having their hearts warmed by some sentimental storytelling, they’re responding emotionally to the content in front of them. And that boosts the brand in its own way. 

How Producing Branded Video Content can Benefit Your Business

There are plenty of advantages to producing this kind of video content: 

  • Branded content is not as disruptive as a traditional ad. 

There’s no pop-up bothering the viewer. No announcer will jump in with a slogan. And no one’s going to interrupt the lesson or the entertainment with a demand for $99 down. Typically, these types of videos don’t include any interruptions that take away from the viewing experience. 

  • Branded videos evoke emotions. 

And emotions help viewers connect, in some way, with the brand. For instance, a viewer might watch a video and experience an ah-ha moment or chuckle at a funny line. When it comes to forging connections, emotions work better than logic and have a more lasting impact. 

  • Branded video content is shareable. 

People like to share videos that are funny, cute or touching. Once a video “goes viral” it means even more recognition for the brand. 

So, What Should You Produce? Types of Branded Content to Consider

If you think a branded video might be beneficial for your brand, there are several types you can consider: 

  • Product explainer video

This one may seem self-explanatory, but it actually does more than just explain what your product does. The best videos of this type present a specific customer pain point and then position your product as a solution. 

  • Company culture video 

Culture videos offer a great way to humanize your brand. Typically, these videos offer a look behind the scenes or fun moment, like an office party or April Fool’s Day prank. 

  • Testimonial video or case study

Content like this can be as simple as a brief statement from a person who has used your product or service. Or they can be as complex as a long case study or narrative detailing the challenges faced and solutions found. The key to testimonial content is to provide social proof for your brand. A viewer has to see and believe that others have had success using your product or service and feel encouraged to try it themselves. 

  • Product demonstration

This type of branded video content offers a more in-depth look at how a product works. Usually more technical than a simple explainer video, the product demo may show the details of machinery or new software, for example, or demonstrate precisely how a service of yours will solve a problem. 

  • Brand story 

An increasingly common form of branded video content is the brand story. This video highlights what your brand is all about while telling a narrative or sharing the values and mission your company believes in. Videos like this can be incredibly persuasive; they’re often aspirational and the best ones present your brand as more authentic than others in the marketplace. 

What NOT To Do When You Create a Branded Video

We’ve discovered that, when you discuss branded video best practices, it’s helpful to go over what NOT to do first. So: 

  • do NOT flash your logo in the first 30 seconds of the ad. 
  • do NOT simply recite facts about your product or service. 
  • do NOT format your video the way you would a television commercial. Think mobile phone instead. 
  • do NOT throw your brand’s weight around. Branded content should be a part of the general conversation – not interrupt that conversation. 
  • do NOT make your video too long! The Lego Movie aside, most consumer’s aren’t going to sit still for branded video content that’s lengthy or stuffed with too much information. 

Try These Video Best Practices Instead

  • Consider your audience and the type of content they’d love to see. 
  • Plan for mobile, and plan for users who will watch the video without sound. When it comes to branded video content, striking visuals should take precedence. 
  • Align your content with your company’s values, and only put out video content that reflects who you are as an organization. 
  • Make sure content isn’t too broad. Sticking to one or two simple messages is better than trying to encompass everything within one video. 
  • Consider the quality of sound, cinematography and storyline. Yes, even for a 30-second bit. Quality matters! 
  • Don’t sell. We mean it. We understand how tempting it might be to attach a Call to Action at the end of your video, but trust us on this. Don’t. A sales pitch can take the power away from an otherwise meaningful bit of video content. 
  • Use your branded content more than once. Post it on your website, use it in your social content, spread it around. That will increase the impact and solidly anchor your brand in the mind of your viewers. 
  • Be creative! Ultimately, the best pieces of branded video content tell great stories. So, make sure your message is compelling and unique, and put in the time and effort to make your branded content stand out. 

And finally: 

Know When to Call a Video Content Pro

We know that not every business has the resources or expertise to develop quality video content. But we do! It’s kind of what we live for! Don’t hesitate to reach out for advice or to plan your next branded video campaign. We can help you tell a story your target audience won’t forget.